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PIC Partnership

Welcome partners!!!

You've made the right choice.


This program is designed specifically for you entrepreneurs out there already doing your thing, but would like to scale, M&A, and pickup more work - this is for you!


As entrepreneurs, you know what it's like to grow a businesses and experience all the joys and pains of the journey, but there's a way to go through these experiences with much more peace of mind, and that's through partnerships!  We're with you and we want you on our team, now let's go and win!


Our partners receive:

  • Pacific Island Cleaning Coaching 

  • Calls, Texts, Emails coaching

  • Bidding Calculators

  • Proposal Generators

  • Access to the CBN Network which includes Monthly Coaching Calls, wide network of professionals in the industry, conference invitations, and more

  • Leads!

  • Accounts to service!

  • Website Hosting

AND the best part about partnerships is, WE WANT to grow your business!  Let's win more work for you and your crew so you can enjoy being the CEO/COO of your company. 

Complete our application and we'll be in touch.

Let's Grow Your

Complete our application below to begin our new partnership!

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